How to setup your machine

Robot Rage is an old game and will not work on modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox or abomi.. Edge.

To start playing:
1. Download Pale Moon or SeaMonkey, as these are most stable browsers for RR. *
2. Install Shockwave.
3. If you're using Windows 10 with NVidia GPU, install our fix, otherwise the game will crash on load.
4. Set up your router with this guide to avoid getting "P2P connection failed" errors in Lobby.
5. Have fun, but avoid cheating- it breaks fun for all of us. If you see a cheater, report them on our Discord (PM pionner).

*- you could try using Internet Explorer, however during our tests it was extremly unstable. And why would you use IE anyway?
You have to use a browser that supports latest SSL/TLS standards to connect, so do not use outdated versions of browsers.
for ingame credits
and installation instructions